Mass Meeting

Learn more about our club and the actuarial field in the details of our upcoming Fall 2024 mass meeting!

New Member Orientation

New to SAM? The New Member Orientation (2023) is an introduction to the actuarial profession and information about SAM. Included is an overview of the actuarial curriculum, actuarial scholarships, and advice for underclassmen/new actuaries.

Resume Workshop

Learn how to construct an effective and sound resume with these examples linked!

Interview Workshop

Learn about what makes a successful performance in a professional interview! In the Interview Workshop (2023) you'll learn how to prepare for the interview beforehand, the types of questions to expect, how to structure one's answers, and post-interview etiquette.

International Students Workshop

The International Students Workshop (2023) aims to cover all things career related for International students. It will cover work authorization (CPT/OPT), timelines, shortlisting companies and how to approach recruitment in general. It will also cover some key points of advice vital to presenting your best self during recruitment.